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Great seller.
Thanks for your blog. Keep writing.

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Thanks for the update!

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Why Do You Read?


Love this…Unique

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Today’s post is going to be a little different because it’s assignment week here for me so everything’s due and I’m busy staring at the calendar, desperately wondering where all my time went.

Accordingly, this post is about me asking for your help.

For one of my assignments, I’m writing a piece about how and why people read. Sounds boring and obvious. But, until recently, I always believed that people read for the same reason I do.  To me, books are friends. Rereading a book is like visiting an old friend and having a good chin-wag with them. By contrast, reading a new book is like making a new acquaintance; the potential’s there for a long friendship with them but you’re not quite sure ’til you’ve finished the conversation.

Naively, I thought this was true for everyone. That is, until I had a fascinating conversation with one of the ladies…

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Bringing Up Books: 11/22/63


I was very interested in knowing if this book was worth reading. Thank you for a great review.

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11/22/63 by Stephen King

This novel tells the story of Jake Epping, a divorced high school teacher, who becomes a time traveler on a mission to stop the Kennedy assassination. It begins with Jake reading and becoming attached to a story, written by a student in his adult GED night-class, about his father murdering his mother and siblings when he was a child. Soon after, Jake discovers a way to go back in time. The traumatic past story from his student becomes a present goal to amend and helps Jake unlock the rules and consequences of time travel before he attempts his main mission of preventing the assassination of Kennedy. As Jake attempts to change the future by inserting himself in past events, he realizes that “time” does not want to be changed and the stronger the difference an event makes in history, the stronger “time” fights against Jake trying to alter it.

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Meet Shani – she’s 32, single and has a job to die for and is very happy with her life. So why does everyone insist on trying to convince her that the only way to the true happiness is meeting the perfect man?

When Shani’s horoscope miraculously reveals that now is the best time of her life for marriage, her mother decides to take control. As the Sri Lankan wedding season opens she arranges a parade of suitors, in the hope that her unmarried daughter will salvage the family honour by finally finding Mr Right. But true life, like true love, can get very complicated.

Amidst a riot of hilarious dates with would-be husbands, a stressful job and a neurotic mother with serious cultural baggage, her best friend is sliding into depression and Shani seems powerless to help.

Through a flurry of curry, cricket, sarees, and weddings, Shani comes to…

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Perhaps better known as a poet, having published three collections of poetry in the last few years, and as MC of the monthly North Beach Poetry Nights in the Crane Bar, Galway, John Walsh is also a writer of short stories, and Border Lines, recently published by Doire Press, presents an excellent sampling of what he is capable of.

Many of the stories included revolve around the same character, Ian, as he negotiates life’s variegated twists and turns, many of which he blunders into with a mixture of innocence and a self-destructive impulse.

In ‘Jimi’, a teenaged Ian skives off to a Jimi Hendrix concert and reaps the reward from a violent father on his return. A college-going Ian crosses paths with the slightly older trumpet-playing Raymond in ‘Trumpet in the Towel’ and gains a glimpse of the glamour and possibilities of a life outside Ireland as the trumpeter…

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Excellent Read

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Kate Couric is one of my virtual mentors, even though initially her perkiness got on my nerves, I have always appreciated her hustle.

And I admire the way she has continued to work and write about her very personal experience of losing a husband and raising two girls by herself while also commanding respect for herself in the broadcast journalism industry, which can’t be an easy feat.

I wrote about graduation/career advice at Bitch Magazine last week and it made me think about The Best Advice I Ever Got, which is essentially a compilation of advice from commencement speeches that has so much good stuff in it was a good thing I read it online, or I would have highlighted every passage.

Here were some of my favorite quotes:

Anna Quindlen
Acts of bravery don’t always take place on battlefields. They can take place in your heart, when you have…

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