24 May

The Armchair Critic

Meet Shani – she’s 32, single and has a job to die for and is very happy with her life. So why does everyone insist on trying to convince her that the only way to the true happiness is meeting the perfect man?

When Shani’s horoscope miraculously reveals that now is the best time of her life for marriage, her mother decides to take control. As the Sri Lankan wedding season opens she arranges a parade of suitors, in the hope that her unmarried daughter will salvage the family honour by finally finding Mr Right. But true life, like true love, can get very complicated.

Amidst a riot of hilarious dates with would-be husbands, a stressful job and a neurotic mother with serious cultural baggage, her best friend is sliding into depression and Shani seems powerless to help.

Through a flurry of curry, cricket, sarees, and weddings, Shani comes to…

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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Good Reads


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